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 Openings for typical, healthy children ages 2-11

years to help with a study on: 

Developing Medical Tests for Diagnosing Autism

Background:  We have developed two preliminary blood and urine tests for diagnosing risk of autism.

Study Purpose:   To further validate and improve the accuracy of the test in more children with and without autism.

Who can enroll?  Children ages 2-11 years with good physical and mental health who do not have a sibling or parent with autism.


Questionnaires on medical history and symptoms (20-30 minutes).

One clinic visit (15 minutes) for a small blood draw.

One urine collection at home.

Compensation:  $125 for participation.

Participation is voluntary.

Impact:  Participation in this study will help us understand what is different in children with autism, so that we can better diagnose and treat them.